Canada’s Top Trainer, Elite Decoy, & Police Vendor Mike Nezbeth has a wide range of experience in all things dogs. He is the owner/founder of GrassrootsK9 in Toronto and GrassrootsK9 in Maryland. He’s also an established Police Vendor who carefully selects ideal candidates that would make strong, level-headed, and confident members in the police force and trains them to go into duty whether it be for detection, tracking, bitework, etc.
Mike has a background in Psychology and Sociology which has played a role in his thorough understanding of operant conditioning. He is also passionate about training real world experiences which led him into the police world.
In this live we discuss:
- Police Vendor Role
- Qualities to look for in candidates
- Puppy selection
- ‘Activating’ a dog
- Proactive vs. Reactive
- Most expensive dog 😅
- Ideal bite grips
- Bitework foundation
- Bitework Exercises
- Backties and Bunjee training
- The difference between operant & classical conditioning
- Markers
- Behavior questions
- Scentwork
- Favorite Memory & a lot more.
Thank you so much, @k9_mike! Good luck with the puppy search and hope all goes smoothly crossing the border. We don’t want another Vito situation!


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