Dog Dancing Champion and Trainer, Anastasiia Beaumont has been competing and training with her two border collies, YUKI for 9 years and has competed in the international championships and SALSA, her 2 year old border collie who she has similar plans with.

Anastasiia says the goal of dog dancing is to tell a story with your dog using tricks with peaks and emotion to capture an audience.

The dog dancing community is small and she competes from country to country around Europe. Anastasiia is from Russia originally and is now based in France. She travels across the border to Switzerland to compete often, as well as other European countries. Sheโ€™s made a lot of friends along the way and it truly is a community. She has a small club where she lives and trains other dog dancing enthusiasts in person and online.

Her online courses consist of dog dancing tricks broken down into tutorials that can be put together to make a beautifully choreographed routine.

Judges base their scores on each choreographed act on the story that is told through the dance as well as precision in the moves being executed.

We loved hearing about your experience and thank you for sharing tips on how to do tricks like dog parkour, jumps, weening off food rewards, and more.

Weโ€™ll definitely keep you posted on our dog dancing journey! Cheers and thank you for joining us ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ•

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