How to train your puppy | Behavior Modification with Los Angeles Dog Trainer Leah Bolanos

Leah Bolanos of Copacetic K9 runs her own dog training business and her expertise is in dog behavior modification & obedience. The LA native got her start while training her first Malinois and getting her first job at @bluecollarworkingdog (one of our personal favorite shops!) She spent a year at @goldcoastk9 working with dogs of all different drives, breeds, sizes, and temperaments. She also worked hands on with police, military, and detection dogs. It was there that she really honed her skills and knew that dog training was her passion. From there, her career has blossomed and we know will continue to.
Leah also has three dogs: Weylin, a 6yo Malinois who is a certified pet dog who loves to chill all day on the couch. He’s also IG famous, a doggie influencer (does that count as working dog status 😜) Lycan is a 2yo Dutch Shepherd training for Protection sports. Badger is 4mo Golden Retriever who is training for detection work bred from a line of hunting dogs.  In the live we cover a lot of puppy basics, biting, crate time, etc.
We look forward to seeing how Leah's business and her pup's progress!
For more info on Leah, follow @copacetick9

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