Intro to French Ring with Super Select Decoy & Pro Trainer Andy Krueger

Andy Krueger has been a student, participant, teacher, and trainer of French Ring for over a decade. His secret - stay humble, get inspired, and go all in.
He first got into ring & in the bitesuit in 2009 with a local club. Despite not knowing a lot, he continued to show up and that integrity has led him to earning respect in the sport and the prestigious *super select* decoy title, extremely rare in the United States.
About Andy - Andy is an Ohio boy, born & raised! He now has his own dog training facility on 7 acres of land outside Cincinnati, also known as the Dog Oasis, where he trains all breeds, pets & working dogs, behavior modification, board and train, etc.
In this live we cover:
- French Ring Objective & Rules
- Point System & Levels
- Decoy Role
- Decoy vs. Dog dynamic
- Tips for decoys
- Mouth focus and why
- Jumping Dogs
- Andy’s favorite upper level exercise
- the art of Ring & more
We first heard about Andy through Mike Jones of Primal Canine @primalcanine when Mike was giving accolades to the sport & Andy’s decoying skills (quite different from Protection Sports decoying).
Since then, we’ve been hooked on Andy’s YouTube channel and have been fascinated with the sport!
Thank you for joining us Andy! We look forward to seeing your continued growth and we’ll be practicing that object guard!!
There is an art to dog sports and we’re grateful for you opening up about what it’s like being in it.


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