American Dog Legend & Protection Sports Association Co-Founder Jerry Bradshaw

Jerry Bradshaw is a household name. He is the executive director and co-founder of the Protection Sports Association, owner of Tarheel Canine, a world renowned training facility in North Carolina best known for training elite police dogs, author, and host of the popular podcast ‘Controlled Aggression’.
Jerry is a pioneer and his efforts have raised the bar in dog training and competition sports leaving an imprint on decades to come.
PSA provides an outlet for competitive dog sport enthusiasts to compete in obedience and controlled protection. The league has taken off since it’s birth back in 2001 honoring excellence, encouraging sportsmanship, and bringing together a community of passionate competitors.
During the pandemic, PSA has brought joy, community, and a sense of normalcy to not just participants, but to hundreds of thousands of spectators across social media.
In this live, Jerry walks us through his journey from his time at UNC Chapel Hill, to professional dog trainer, to where he is today. He recounts the creation of PSA and talks about some of the trials and tribulations faced. He offers guidance, insight, and advice for green handlers, upper level competitors, and new clubs.
We also talk about police dog training and the value dogs bring to the police force.
Jerry brings a wealth of knowledge and we are so grateful for his time with us. Thank you for sharing, Jerry! You’re a legend 🙏

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