World renowned Dog Trainer & PSA All Star Janet Dooley of Stateline Canine has over 20 years of experience training dogs for SAR (search and recovery), police K9s for detection (narcotics, explosives), patrol, cadaver recovery, protection sports, and more. Janet is the Protection Sports Association’s East Coast Director and has put PSA 3 titles on two dogs, Danny & Zuko.
In this Q&A, Janet breaks down what PSA is, how trials are judged, routines, bite technique, skills needed for the sport, and advice for beginners. **This video is a must-watch for all those curious about the sport and looking to get involved with PSA. Janet talks about her experience as a female handler in a predominantly male sport & sheds light on some differences with males & females when training. We talk in depth about having a protection sport dog as a family dog and safety around children. Janet also shares some of her favorite stories with Jaro, her German Shepherd trained in cadaver recovery and some police detection stories. Behavioral Questions Covered: How to build prey drive in a timid mal? How to stop biting/rough play with a German Shepherd around small dogs? What to do with a 9mo GSD with a strong prey drive who jumps and gets hyper with children? Janet founded Stateline Canine in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The 11,000 sf property offers services for pet dog obedience (guaranteed for life), behavior modification, SAR, and K9 Sport training for competition obedience and protection sport. They also offer daily Leave-N-Learn programs & long term Lodge-N-Learn programs.
Thank you so much, Janet! Your work is impressive and we are grateful for your time and insight!

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