Protection Sports For Dummies | Q&A with Primal Canine

Primal Canine Owner Mike Jones in Gilroy, California has been working with dogs of all different breeds & temperaments since he was 13 years old. Mike knows dogs — which is why his company, Primal Canine, is so successful.
Today we focused on Protection Sports. While he is well known in this space, it only accounts for 20% of his overall business made up of 6 different trainers, online courses PCU Online, international seminars, and of course... he has plans to expand.
Mike walked me through what it would be like if I introduced Ryka to protection sports. I had some hesitations, but Mike made it clear — the behavior is controlled... it's all about manipulating drives.
...and now my ears are perked and wheels are spinning - should we get into protection?
Let's pump the breaks for a second. This is not something you can do on your own or learn online. If you have plans to do protection work, seek out an experienced trainer or club with great decoys.
“A decoy can make or break your dog,” Mike says.
In the Q&A, we talk about the role genetics play in protection sports, what characteristics make a good protection dog, how they coexist with families and around children, and more.
Mike recently launched K9 Street League with Oscar Mora of Elevated Canine Academy to bring together PSA all stars, help rookies, and just have fun doing savage working dog shit. The street league's first event will be February 6 & 7, 2021.
We can't wait to see what's in store for Mike, Primal Canine, and the Street League. 
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