Service Dogs, Airplane Prep, & Dog Training with The Golden Mal

San Francisco Bay Area Dog Trainer Jasmine Kelem helps prepare us for airplane travel, walks us through her service dog training, and covers all of our dog training questions.
Jasmine is well known on Instagram for her highly educational content. She's been dog training for 5 years and has spent a significant time working with Guiding Eyes for the Blind before branching off with her own dog training business.
She is also a self proclaimed 'fur mom' to her own service dog, a Golden Retriever named Finley, a Belgian Malinois named Stinky who now works in the police force, and her current Malinois puppy Wasabi training for protection sports.
In this live we cover:
- Airplane Security Checkpoint for Dogs
- Malinois training
- Calm Training
- Training low drive dogs
- Best way to give corrections
- E-Collar Setup
- Dog ignores collar pressure
- How to build engagement
- Protection training
- Best age to spay/neuter dog
- Biggest struggle with our dogs
- Shedding Management
- Crate Training 
- best way to introduce two dogs
- First time Mal owner tips
- Malinois good for medica alert, psychiatry service work?
- Difference between Mals & GSDs
- Bark collars
- What to look for in service dog breeders
- Crate Time Duration
- Temperament with neutered vs not neutered dogs
- Activities to build drive in Mal puppy 
Thanks so much for joining us, Jasmine!
For more info on Jasmine, follow @thegoldenmal

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