Stop Belgian Malinois Puppy Biting FAQ with Landy Angeli

Master dog behaviorist & trainer Landy Angeli shares her techniques to gain control of your puppy’s biting, how to redirect it, and shape the wanted behavior.
Landy has decades of experience working with dogs and families to build good behavior inside and out of the home. She was mentored and trained by Master K9 Handler Raul Perez and has helped us build a strong foundation in training Ryka. She is active in the dog rescue community and is an advocate for building strong human/canine relationships.
Landy has personally helped us create a strong, solid foundation with Ryka, a Belgian Malinois, since she was 8 weeks old. She's been a mentor to Jillian and has shaped the way Jillian conducts herself with Ryka, being a strong, leader who commands attention and respect, while showing love and affection to create a balanced dog. 
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