Tom Davis opens up about his dog training journey

When you search for anything dog training related on YouTube, chances are Upstate Canine Academy pops up.

... no simple feat.

Tom Davis has poured his heart and soul into building Upstate Canine and a digital empire for dog lovers and training.

Tom’s podcast “No Bad Dogs” began with recording real life audio sessions with clients he’s helped and it’s taken off from there. He also has a business & personal staff, sponsorships, merchandise, and makes time to engage with his audience.

This success did not happen *by chance*. It takes loads of work to sustain 10 years of creating content, growing a business, and a developing a circle of trust that share his mission.

It started back in 2009 when Tom lost his beloved St. Bernard puppy. After some trials and tribulations, Tom started a dog walking company that skyrocketed into so much more.

In this live we cover:
- Tom’s personal journey
- Dealing with Online Hate
- Staying Grounded
- E-Collars
- Balanced vs Positive Only training
- Dog Fights
- Neutrality & Socialization
- “Must Train” behaviors
- Dog Training Culture and importance of community

Tom, you are badass! Keep up all the hard work. We see you!! 

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