Trust & Bond Building with Canine Karma Training

How to build trust & strengthen your bond: Q&A with

David is a former special education teacher and behavioral therapist who has used his experience to create a training system built on clear communication, trust, and bond building.

David also competes in Protection Sports, has three dogs (Karma, Zero, & Manic), and gives a mean manicure 💅(we’ll explain).

In this Q&A we discuss:

- Benefits of grooming your dog and getting them comfortable with trimming their nails, baths, etc.
- Creating positive associations
- The art of play & how YOU are the game (over the tug/ball/toy)
- Nutrition [Raw diet vs. Kibble]
- Affection
- Protection Sports
- Life with multiple dogs
- Dog behavioral training questions answered
- Collar smart dogs
- Advice to future PSA competitors

Loved chatting with you David! Keep you posted on our nail trimming *journey* (dremel comes tomorrow)


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