Dr. Lisa Lippman is a doctor of veterinary medicine and has been practicing for 10 years. She is the founder of @vetsinthecity, an at home/concierge vet service business. She has been a pet health contributor for Dr. Oz, Inside Edition, and other media outlets and is the host of the very popular podcast @wedontdeservedogs. Dr. Lisa is badass!!
During the pandemic, Dr. Lisa’s parents both became deathly ill with Covid and she relocated to Florida to support them. She then pivoted her business to Telehealth to assist dog owners virtually.
We invited Dr. Lisa on to discuss a variety of different topics, but the main one being the TICK 🕷situation. New York is swarming with ticks and we’ve been contemplating what is the best solution. I’ve pulled 5 off of Ryka and check her daily.
In this live we cover:
- Oral tick medicine
- Spay/Neutering
- Recommended age to Spay/Neuter
- Raw Feeding
- Kibble vs. Raw Food
- Supplements
- Finding the right vet
- Specific medical questions from guests
Thanks so much, Dr. Lisa! We appreciate you and your time! You’re a boss 👏👏

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