Champion's Journey: Revolutionary Dog Trainer & Pioneer in Dog Sports & Genetics, Ivan Balabanov

Ivan Balabanov fights like hell. His confidence & sheer resilience is palpable and it’s what led him to be a multi time world champion and a pioneer in dog training, dog sports, and breeding. He’s been in the game for over 40 years.
In this live, Ivan opens up about his personal story, escaping communist Bulgaria 🇧🇬, venturing to Belgium where he discovered his first Malinois and trained with the greats, and eventually landing in Florida where he teaches his world renowned dog training techniques.
Ivan has ‘that thing’, an inner fire to win and pave his own way. It’s magnetic.
Chock it up to genetics — a big portion of this interview.
We also discuss:
- The power of play
- Dog’s emotional needs
- Motivation
- Genetic studies
*Reference to: ‘Blueprint’ by Robert Plomin
- Future of dog training
Thank you so much, Ivan! You truly are an inspiration and a testament to the human spirit! Cheers 🥂


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