PSA Leader & World Class Trainer Jonathan Katz talks dogs

Jonathan Katz is a world class trainer, leader in the Protection Sports Association (PSA), and a Belgian Malinois breeder.
Over the last decade, Jonathan has put PSA 3 titles on 3 dogs; Uzi, Cougar, & Puma and founded his own PSA club, Strong Island Working Dogs in Long Island, New York which gained national recognition in 2017 as the PSA Champion Club.
In this live, Katz opens up about his history going from classically trained chef to working for the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a K9 handler & trainer and eventually circling back to his New York roots.
We dive into behavioral training questions, protection, dog breeding, puppy selection, when to wash a dog, downfalls of first time Malinois, and so on...
When he's not training dogs or traveling around the world giving seminars, you can find him designing and leather making. He crafts custom leather pieces, collars, and aprons for private clients.
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