What do you get when you mix two badass dogs, a passionate Alaska raised girl, and her camera? One stunning adventure for the world to live through.

Anna Rose Gionet is a professional photographer who has been capturing beautiful moments around the world from Italy, to California, to eventually circling right back home where she found her greatest passion... dog photography.
She was inspired by her dogs, Harley, an adopted Taiwanese Mountain dog, and Havoc, a striking Belgian Malinois. 
While hiking the scenic terrain of Alaska and photo-documenting their adventures, Anna naturally built up a gorgeous archive of experiences. She began to share the magic on Instagram allowing dog enthusiasts to be a part of their epic journey and virtually transport to the great outdoors. 
Anna was inspired to create AK Wild K9, a private dog photography venture, where she shoots dogs of every breed, in their most natural habitat, running free, being wild, all behind the beautiful backdrop of Anchorage. 
We are honored to have Anna photograph for YOLO PUP. Her photos tell a story and every photo she sends, we are squealing inside. If you only live once, Anna is most certainly doing it right. 
For more information on Anna, visit AKWILDK9.com
To follow her adventures on Instagram:

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