Best Belgian Malinois Dog Trainers in California

 A high drive working dog like a Belgian Malinois will require a lot more than your average pet. Mals thrive when they have a job and must have physical and mental stimulation daily. If they don't, they become destructive and potentially dangerous. 

We've compiled a list of the top trainers we recommend in California from the Bay Area to LA down to San Diego. These trainers all have different specialties. 

If you are struggling with your Belgian Malinois puppy or rescue, please seek help from a professional who has the experience to reshape the desired behaviors and allow you to get your pup under control. 

Never be too proud to ask for help. Here are some of our favorite trainers in California:


Los Angeles


Landy Angeli, Dog Behaviorist & Trainer



Oscar Mora, Elevated Canine Academy

Competition Bite Sports, IPO, Schutzhend, Obedience Training


Robert Cabral, World Renowned Dog Behaviorist & Trainer

Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification



Andrew Peña, Obedience, Protection, Behavior Modification Trainer






Bakersfield, CA

Activated Canine



Gilroy, California







San Francisco Bay Area












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  • Leslie Kelly

    I have a 10 week old malinois. When he gets tired his play bite turns in to agressive biting. He will latch on like a pit bull. How do i get him to let go at this point? Also, how can I train this agression out of him? I do obedience training with him daily but commands do not work when he is in this mode and it is getting worse each day. Thank you dearly!

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