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Canine Performance Dog Trainer Natalie Dobkins talks to YOLO PUP LA and Ryka the Belgian Malinois about her approach to helping dogs and owners with behavioral issues. Canine Performance discusses their Board and Train program and her extensive online training course. The board and train program works by removing the pup from the home and placing them in a new location to teach good behavior and train out the negative! Length of stay depends on owner’s goals. We love her customized approach.

About Canine Performance via

"Here at Canine Performance, we're dedicated to helping people provide a better life for their dog through training and education.

We offer in-person training and virtual coaching so that anyone, anywhere, can receive the support and professional guidance needed to start living the life they dream of with their canine companion.

Our mission at Canine Performance is to empower and motivate dog owners from all walks of life to live an active, fun, and intentional life with their dog.

We believe that this is best achieved through the habit of training. We strive to provide our clients with a coach-like level of support, accountability, encouragement so that they have all of the resources they need to succeed.

When it comes to our training, believe that every dog has unique personality traits – which is why we take an individualized, scientific, and balanced, approach to each dog we work with.

Through proper training, we’re able to help dogs understand appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, as well as how to keep focus on their owners, regardless of the environment.

Ultimately, professional dog training allows owners and their dogs to live the best life possible with one another, with clear boundaries and communication."

Natalie shares a TON of gems, so have a watch and let us know what you think.

Some FAQ & topics we cover:

What parts of training should you look to a trainer to help with?

How do you build puppy confidence with other dogs and people?

How to stop dog from barking at other dogs & people?

When should you start introducing new tricks?

How to stop play biting

Building Tug Toy Drive and Motivation



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