Crate Training FAQ

Swapped out my lil crate for a big crate. Now mom is answering all your crate training questions 🔥

There’s a lot of repeat questions so here’s what we went over:

1. Puppy crying, whining, barking in crate — let the pup CRY 👏 IT 👏 OUT!

2. What’s with the sheet over the crate — dogs are den animals 🐺 they like a secluded, dark, secure place to sleep

3. How to discipline yourself to stay away from the puppy when she is crying to be let out

4. Potty Training & how the crate helps with this

5. Proper crate size, duration of crate time, crate schedule

6. How to train pup to go into crate

7. Will Ryka always need to be crated?

8. How to create a positive association with the crate

9. Should I or should I not crate train my dog?

10. Ripping up the crate pad/peeing on dog bed

Xo hope this was helpful & apologies for the scatter brain 🧠 😅


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