How To Crate Train Your Belgian Malinois Puppy


Crate training is an excellent way to provide a safe, calm space for your Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd, or any other working dog to rest.

Dogs are den animals by nature and like a cool, dark, secure place. Think of the crate as a crib -- when you bring a baby home, you have a crib to keep he/she safe.

How do you get your pup to stop whining/crying/barking? DO NOT ENGAGE! This will reinforce the behavior and teach the dog that if he/she barks/whines/cries, they will get rewarded by getting their owner's attention, get a kong, bone, etc, or be let out. So have some self discipline!!

We crate Ryka 2 times a day for two hours. We may crate longer depending on her energy levels and eventually she might not need the crate, but it will always be a part of her life in case of surgery and post recovery. It's also a guarantee and peace of mind that your pup won't destroy your home, or pee and shit everywhere!

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