Protection Sports All Star & Pro Dog Trainer, Oscar Mora of Elevated Canine Academy, shows us how to teach your dog recall. 
Using a form of operant conditioning, Oscar is creating a positive association with the act of going away and coming back. He uses markers, verbal commands used to alert dog that their action is the desired behavior and a reward is coming, to communicate with the pup... Ryka the Belgian Malinois Oscar creates a recurring loop and as pup begins to understand this action, he adds distractions. The decoy first has treats in his hands, then he lures the pups to distract, and then distracts by building drive. "Go" sends the pup away, "Yes" marks desired behavior, Pay BIG when pup does the wanted behavior. Start inside with little distractions. Use a small, easy to pass treat that is visible to your pup.
Elevated Canine Academy (ECA) is a community-based dog-training resource and service-provider located in Los Angeles, California.
"We provide dog training services throughout Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. The owner and head-trainer, Oscar Mora, and his team specializes in lifestyle-based obedience training, behavior modification such as aggression, and precision sports work; thus providing dog training services to both casual dog owners, as well as professionals within the competitive dog sport field. Our services include board and train packages, private and group dog training classes, and sports training, thus giving our clients a range of options. On this website, you will learn more about our programs, services, and our dog training philosophy. We are committed to the continual learning and development of our trainers. We ensure clients and their dogs are provided with the highest standard of training possible." - Oscar Mora
For more info on Oscar, visit @elevatedcanineacademy @oscarmoradogs


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