International Dog Trainer Recommendations

We've compiled a list of international dog trainers recommended from working dog owners all over the world. 
A high drive working dog like a Belgian Malinois requires much more than your average pet. These dogs thrive when they are physically and mentally stimulated. If they do not get proper training and daily exercise they can become destructive and potentially dangerous. 
If you are a first time Malinois owner/handler, we recommend connecting with an experienced trainer from the start to give you the tools to build a healthy, balanced, and happy life together. The early stages of a dog's life are critical for development, building confidence, and learning how to exist in the world.
If you are struggling with your dog, please seek help from a professional. They have the knowledge and experience to get your dog under control and will give you the tools to maintain those good behaviors.








If you are a first time Belgian Malinois owner, lack the ability to provide structure or allotted time for training, please contact one of the trainers above.


  • Nirggis Gumen

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