Robert Cabral is an authority on canine behavior whether it be in basic obedience, pet dog training, aggression, complex behaviors plus more. He is the go-to person for many animal shelters, rescues, other trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians and dog lovers everywhere.


He has trained and titled competitive obedience and protection dogs in AKC, Mondio Ring and IPO / Schutzhund. Robert has worked with most every breed and temperament of dog and is responsible for saving thousands of dogs’ lives because of his behavioral training at animal shelters. His instruction and online training reaches countless animal shelter behaviorists, staff and management and teaches humane solutions to complex canine issues. Renowned Professional Dog Trainer, Behaviorist, Rescue Advocate, Robert Cabral doesn’t sugar coat anything. He’s straight up & tells it like it is.


We asked Robert to join us to discuss some behavioral issues we’re facing. Our biggest battle - Ryka crying, whining nonstop to be let out of the crate and join the ‘action’ // whatever I am doing that doesn’t involve her (a live Q&A, filming, etc) We apologize in advance for the crying. Hopefully this real world situation is helpful for those facing a similar problem. Spoiler** the crying/whining does get dealt with... it just takes a little longer than *desired*. Robert’s advice - make the crate an *event*, do shorter crate time sessions and build duration from there. When she’s quiet, reward “good” and let out. When she comes out of the crate, no action. Biggest takeaway: Know what you are getting into — we got a Belgian Malinois... the *wanting to be a part of the action* is part of the package. High drive dogs want to work! Questions we covered: - Socializing your dog - Reactivity (dog barks at skateboards, people, joggers) - How breeders play a role in overall development - To neuter or not to neuter - Opinions on ear/tail cropping - Proper correction techniques - Why it’s so hard to join a French Ring Club - Which dog sport is right for you - Dog pulls throng prong collar - Two handlers training a Mal - Biting - Separation anxiety for COVID puppies And most importantly - why you should not get a Malinois if you can’t handle the commitment. Too many end up in shelters bc of irresponsible ownership. To learn more about Robert or to join his member only website, visit Robert — Thank you for joining us. You’ve provided a wealth of information for us through your YouTube channel. We appreciate your time 🙏 Hope to see you on @joerogan podcast 🔥


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