World's Greatest Dutch Shepherd | Epic Dutchies | Rocky the Reckless Dutch

Extreme Dutch Shepherd and Instagram Famous Rocky, the Reckless Dutch, and professional dog trainer Andrew Peña, owner of High Caliber Working Dogs, compilation video. Andrew has trained Rocky, a 2 year old Dutch Shepherd, to his maximum potential.
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Andrew Peña is the mastermind behind High Caliber Working Dogs, a private dog training business that focuses on quality over quantity. The California native helps people build better relationships with their dogs and owners choose Andrew's board and train program because of his results. There are no short cuts. A dog's minimum stay is 4 weeks, no less. Imprinting a dog takes time and repetition and a dog doesn't leave under his watch if a behavior isn't generalized.
High Caliber Working Dogs specializes in advanced obedience, behavior modification, protection sports, and basic dog training and works with dogs of every breed, temperament, age, and size. He makes learning fun and the dogs love to work.
His training programs and length of stay are custom tailored to fit each individual's specific goals for their pups. Some owners want basic obedience while others strive to get their dogs to "Rocky" level and board for 6-12 months.
Rocky is the instagram famous dutch shepherd known as @therecklessdutch with the intensity, drive, and laser focus to kill. Andrew was the driving force that powered him there. Whether Rocky is leaping over picnic tables, showing off perfect positioning and obedience training, or just being a savage, he's 'that dog' that dog enthusiasts can't stop watching. He's also ranked #2 dock diving Dutchie national champion to top it all off. NBD
Andrew and Rocky have set the bar sky high and give dog owners goals to aspire to. We sat down with them to talk about his training methods, building drive and intensity, and techniques to improve positioning all of which have helped us in our training.

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