What to Expect When Thinking About a Belgian Malinois As A Pet

There's a reason why people say "Belgian Malinois are not pets!" Here's some insight at what it's like actually owning a Belgian Malinois, what to expect, and the giant commitment these super soldier dogs require.   


Hi guys! This is Jillian here with Ryka the Belgian Malinois and I want to talk to you about what it's like having a Belgian Malinois as a pet.

A lot of people see Mal's doing really awesome tricks online and landing amazing jumps or working in law enforcement, but they're not really seeing what happens behind the scenes.

They're an incredible breed but they require a ton of attention energy and just overall time. I'm here to kind of shed light on that home life.

It is Monday at five o'clock p.m. We are doing our third training session of the day. We're doing some running and practicing heal. We do three workout sessions a day. Each session being one hour. Right now we're in the field and we're going to work on some commands

She requires a ton of mental stimulation and if she doesn't get it she will become destructive and could potentially be dangerous.

If having a dog that requires a ton of attention time energy, and time sounds exciting and you think you can do this for the next 10-15 years. Then a Malinois might be for you.

But if this isn't something you can commit to or want to commit to, I think you should NOT get a Malinois and find a dog that fits you and your lifestyle.

If you are that type of person -- I am that person and Dave is that person... Then yes, go for the Mal. They are incredible!

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