About the Founder

Jillian Wilson

Jillian Wilson Marketing Social Media Content Creator Los Angeles

Founder & Marketing Strategist

Jillian is a native New Yorker and began her career as a CBS4 multi-media journalist in Illinois weeks after graduating from Emerson College. As a 'one woman band', Jillian learned to master the art and discipline of content creation by crafting daily news stories from pitch through production for on air distribution. Her media passion steered her to California to work on the Emmy winning television show ‘The Voice’ for five consecutive seasons doing executive outreach.

In 2016, Jillian launched her LA based marketing and media agency with notable first clients such as the Television Academy. Her company was chosen to lead social media direction for the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards in collaboration with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to develop buzz worthy content. Those efforts garnered record breaking engagements and a Shorty Award nomination for Best Social Media Integration on Instagram.  

As consumers looked to Instagram for purchase decision making, Jillian discovered an untapped market -- Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons. They were invisible on social media, but worthy of an audience. Roadblocks such as patient refusal of being filmed and photographed and a general stigma of services prevented them from sharing what they do. Jillian Wilson Marketing provided the solution and a new approach to their marketing problem.

World renowned plastic surgeons, global beauty brands and Fortune 500 business executives trust Jillian to bring fresh ideas to stay above the curve as the digital landscape evolves.

Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, Jillian launched YOLO PUP, an online community focused on training and living with high drive working dogs. The inspiration came from Ryka, her Belgian Malinois, who has challenged and forced her to step up as a leader, providing hours of physical and mental stimulation, all while sharing the journey and connecting owners virtually worldwide.

The YOLO PUP dog collection is made up of interactive tools to encourage owners and their dogs to engage more, build confidence, and strengthen the bond. This new endeavor has sparked joy and inspiration during gloom moments of lock down.

The online store was launched in September 2020 and has since sold to over 10 countries. Her goals for YOLO PUP stretch far beyond this number and she's just getting started.