"Picked up a leash and tri bite pillow from Yolopup. I’ve had LOTS of leashes and tugs over the years; I’ve had a 4 or 5 dog pack of Belgian and Dutch shepherds since 2003. Lots of tugs fall apart quickly or hurt my hands to use. I love the Yolopup tri bite pillow because my dog seems so comfortable with it. It fits his mouth beautifully so he doesn’t fuss or readjust his grip. The rubberized handles make it much easier for me to maintain my grip, which is much more comfortable than having sliding fingers or bunching up. I am blister free and we’ve been tugging daily ... and he’s a 100 lb dutchie.

The 10 ft leather leash is a great value — reasonably priced, really lovely quality, and a pleasure to hold. This is the leash my new pup will earn her first AKC titles in. Well packaged, speedy shipping, a handwritten note, a free gift, and heaps of inspiration and education on the Instagram account makes Yolopup stand out. I’m pretty busy (four high drive needy rescue dogs). Quality equipment makes my life easier. This is good stuff." - Heather Rolland, Author of Asking A Lot: Life with Dogs on Bramley Mountain @the_bramleywolves, New York
"Return customer! The products are super durable & high quality, my Malinois loves everything from the company so far! Fast shipping & we love the personable notes we get in each box! We follow them on Instagram as well because Jillian/Ryka have amazing Q/A’s with other dog owners/dog trainers. A great community to be apart of and listen in on!:
Austin, Texas
"I can write a 1000 words & it still wouldn’t be enough. I’ve had 3 different orders shipped and delivered of high quality tugs and gear. My pup is 8 months and the “original” pup tug he had at 4 months is still going strong. I will continue to shop here and I advise you all to the same."
- Reggie White & Broly the Malinois
New Orleans, Louisiana
"The products at yolopup.la are great products. They are made with quality and strength. There shipping is quick and my package came with a hand written card. I’ve never seen that before. That is special to me. been training dogs since 1995 I’ve seen great products thru the years as I’ve seen garbage. This is a “GREAT PRODUCT”. I have Belgian Malinois dogs and we know they are strong tuff dogs that love to bite. My dog “HOLLYWOOD” loves her tug toy. We have fun with it plus it keeps her entertained so I can rest between tug of war 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷‍♂️. I have the photos and videos to prove this. Also, they have many other products including videos for our dogs. I’m very impressed by all of there products by yolopup.La there videos are very helpful and easy to follow. She is very motivated, inspired and truly on her way to the top. She has paid her dues. She does live videos with very high quality dog trainers who are very successful. Yolopup.la I’m very proud of you and your company. Reach for the stars because they belong to you. I highly recommend yolopup.la to every dog owner in the 🌍. I use these products on my dogs and I endorse them 💯%. We are “GOTTI” & “HOLLYWOOD” Belgian Malinois dogs. Hello cousin “RYKA”.
Los Angeles, California
Theo the GSD
"Quick shipping, great customer service, and amazing quality! The tug can take many beatings from my 105lb gsd, and look practically new. The leather leash is stunning feels amazing in my hand." - Autumn Chase, Theo the GSD, Connecticut
"Quality is amazing! Everything about their company and products makes having a new pup so much easier on owner/handler.
Yolo pup brings a new excitement to puppy owners, making the experience fun for all. The toys,tugs, CLICKA, and funny face squeaky! The customer service is amazing and each package comes with a personal message from Jillian and ryka! We love yolo pup and thank you guys for making the puppy experience so much fun and very easy. My furniture is still not touched at all and she’s 8 months! Knock on wood!! Haha. Stay amazing guys!" - William Gerardi, Covid the Belgian Malinois, Hollywood, Florida
" Received a yolopup tug and let me just say I love it and Stella (my Belgian Malinois)loves it even more!!! Great product!!! It’s made of real leather and super strong. It’s the safest way to play tug with my Malinois! Thank you Yolopup for an awesome product that was made with the working dog in mind!!!" - Stella the Belgian Malinois, Katy, Texas
" We are a repeat customer and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this company! We love the products, the quality of them, and the customer service is amazing. Little things like the packaging and the personalized note from Jillian and Ryka really feel like opening each box is a gift. Every purchase has shipped to us very quickly.
Our Malinois puppy especially loves her pup tug and bite cloth and our older goldendoodle loves being pampered by the grooming gloves. We can’t wait to try more of the products and I highly recommend Yolopup to every working dog owner out there.
Additionally, as a company, they go beyond just product. If you follow their account on Instagram Yolopup.la they are also passionate about training, and educating. Just another reason to love them!" - Steph Redman & Khazi the Belgian Malinois, Denver, Colorado
"Yolo pup provides exceptional quality gear for all dogs, while focusing on high drive dogs that need consistency and structure to train effectively. I have specifically watched Belgian Malinois for several years and have been most impressed by the work I’ve seen provided by Yolo pup.
I’m familiar with many Malinois used in K9 and military, with a lot of bite work.
I started to question nurture vs. nature - comparing one litter of pups biting, while Yolopup’s girl was not biting.
She gave gentle kisses/licks. I saw it could be done, along with the hard work that goes into it.
The girls at yolo pup have made many online videos to help address specific issues."  - Kathy Wittig, Pennsylvania
"I got the tri handle bite pillow from the beautiful and awesome girls themselves Jillian and ryka. All I can say is my mali Dutch gsd mix beats on this pillow and still looks brand new. Strong durable and good prices products with fast shipping and even better customer support thank you guys" - Markus Loucadellis & Ash the Dutch Shepherd, Toronto, Canada